About Us

Global Power in Motion (GPM) is a new and revolutionary network marketing company that strives to provide solutions for petroleum related pollution, mechanical longevity, and home business opportunity. Our gasoline and diesel products aim to maximize efficiency while curbing toxic emissions for our customers, and our commission plan is finely crafted to meet the needs of our associates.

“In an ever changing world, new challenges inspire innovative solutions.”
We were incorporated in the great state of Nevada on the 4th of July 2015, with administrative and logistics centers in the city of Las Vegas.

Why Us

To support our associates and customers with projected exponential growth, GPM has partnered with two global corporations: A 15-year-old multi-currency pay platform, and a 17-year-old MLM software development company. These platforms service commission calculations, genealogy, e-commerce, personal access for associates, and a robust professional back office. The combination of our highly consumable product, experienced management team, and highly lucrative compensation plan, is a strong foundation for your home business.

Our Products

GPM Tabs™ are scientifically formulated fuel catalyst capsules, that easily dissolve in your fuel tank, for use in gasoline, diesel, E85, or bio diesel engines. Measurable benefits reported by consumers include reduced carbon emissions, greater engine performance, and enhanced fuel efficiency. Manufactured in the United States and registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Interesting Facts

Metric Tons of CO2 per vehicle per year
vehicles on the worlds roads
Average Vehicle MPG in USA
Liters of oil consumed per hour globally

Our Mission

Group of people from diverse professions stand together while smiling at the camera. Square shot. Isolated on white.

Earth, the most beautiful planet in our solar system is the only known habitat for more than 7 billion people and an unfathomable amount of organisms. Every known creature to have ever existed lived and died on a thin layer of sky and sea. This oasis in the vastness of space must be protected for infinite generations to come.

Global Power in Motion is dedicated to sustainable and forward thinking solutions for positive change. Our mission is to bring like-minded individuals from all walks of life together for the common good.