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Frequently Asked Questions

What are GpmTabs™ and why should I use them?

GpmTabs™ is a fuel conditioner and catalyzer for internal combustion engines. During the power stroke of the engine acts as a burn-rate modifier. Due to an electrochemical attraction, the combustion process is accelerated, causing the hydrocarbon chains to burn more completely. As a result, GpmTabs™ increases power, reduces emissions and improves fuel economy. In addition, the treated fuel will assist on removing carbon deposits and help maintain the engine and oil cleaner, extending the life of your engine. GpmTabs™ works in any vehicle with an internal combustion engine: automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, tractors, construction equipment, boats, power generators, etc. When you use the GpmTabs™ continuously, you will be contributing to reduce your carbon footprint.

How do you use the GpmTabs™?

Each Tablet weights ½ gram and treats 12 gallons of Fuel. The first time we recommend to use double dose and place the tablets in the fuel tank prior to filling up. For smaller use applications (like motorcycles), the GpmTabs™ can be easily cut in half for 6 gallons or in ¼ for 3 gallons.

Are GpmTabs ™ cost effective?

The price of gasoline varies around the world from a few cents to $7.50 per gallon. In most countries and regions, the savings in fuel exceeds the cost of the product. For example: assuming an average of 15% improvement in gas mileage, the savings would be: 140% at $2 per gallon, 210% at $3 per gallon, and 280% at $4 per gallon. As you use GpmTabs™ continuously, you will save in fuel, maintenance cost, and you will be contributing to the protection of the Planet by reducing harmful emissions.

How do GpmTabs™ reduce tailpipe emissions?

As more of the fuel hydrocarbon chains a burn in the power stroke of the combustion cycle, less emissions will exit the tail or exhaust pipe. GpmTabs™ can reduce carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, etc.

What’s the difference between GpmTabs™ and other fuel additives available?

The typical fuel additive is often a detergent to be used sporadically. While GpmTabs™ are for continuous use. In addition to acting as a combustion catalyst in all internal combustion engines using hydrocarbon fuels, it also helps to burn off carbon deposits and turning them into combustion energy. It is important to mention, our GpmTabs™ technology is not considered to be an organometallic formula and does not form a catalytic coating in the metal surfaces of the engine, like other formulas do. Our formula is the most advanced nanotechnology available today.

Can I use GpmTabs™ with Ethanol or Diesel?

Yes, GpmTabs™ do not modify the fuel properties. Regardless of the type of fuel used, GpmTabs™ creates a special environment in the combustion chamber during the power stroke, accelerating the burn-rate of the hydrocarbon chains as it does with gasoline. GpmTabs™ are formulated to be used with all types of fuel and diesel grades, including all Ethanol Blends, two-cycle mixed fuels, and blends of diesel (summer, winter, and bio).

Is there an industrial GPM liquid formula for Diesel or Bio-Diesel Internal Combustion Engines?

Global Power in Motion (GPM) has an industrial formula called GpmLiquid™ for diesel or gasoline. GpmLiquid™ can be used in tractor trailers, boats, any size construction equipment, agricultural tractors, mining equipment, forestry equipment, power generators, etc. GpmLiquid™ formula is very concentrated and is readily available with the advantage of not having to dissolve like GpmTabs™. 1 ounce of GpmLiquid™ treats 40 gallons of diesel. Therefore, a 10,000-gallon tank can be treated with 2 gallons of the GpmLiquid™ Formula.

How often should I use GpmTabs™?

GpmTabs™ should be used every time you fill up.

If I am using premium fuel, can I use it with regular fuel?

If you are using premium fuel, you can switch to regular with no reduction or minimum change in performance. However, many people prefer following the manufacturer recommended use of premium fuel for high performance vehicles. If you are more interested in performance, continue using premium fuel along with GpmTabs™. However, if you are more interested in fuel economy, try regular and measure the difference in mpg and then decide which fuel works best for you.

Will GpmTabs™ work in my antique or classic car with a carburetor?

Yes, GpmTabs™ will improve the performance of older cars, as well.

Can GpmTabs™ cause any damage to my car’s fuel system or catalytic converter?

No, GpmTabs™ will not damage fuel systems or catalytic converters. GpmTabs™ dissolve completely in a manner of minutes, there are no residues or deposits. For the contrary, this formula may extend the life of the catalytic converter, as it will be recycling cleaner exhaust fumes.

Can GpmTabs™ harm my engine seals?

No, GpmTabs™ do not contain anything that will be harmful to the engine, gaskets or seals. GpmTabs™ is EPA registered. This technology is patented and scientifically designed and engineered to eliminate any potential long term side effects.

Can GpmTabs™ improve my vehicle’s power when climbing hills?

Yes, GpmTabs™ will increase the vehicle’s low-end torque, which will provide more power for climbing hills and improve performance when the vehicle is used for towing. In addition, a reduction in gear down shifting may occur during hill and mountain climbing.

Can GpmTabs™ help my vehicle start in extreme temperatures?

Yes, your engine will start easier in both cold and hot temperatures.

How are GpmTabs™ beneficial for my engine?

GpmTabs™ advanced catalyst technology is very good for your engine. This technology prevents hard carbon deposit formation and can also remove hard carbon deposits already present in the combustion chamber. Hard carbon deposits reduce the efficiency and performance of the engine, and over time causes excessive engine wear. When GpmTabs™ are use continuously, the oil stays cleaner and maintains its viscosity and lubricity longer. In summary, a cleaner engine performs better and will last longer.

What happens if I get GpmTabs™ on my hands?

Simply wipe off the GpmTabs™ residue with a clean paper towel or cloth and then wash your hands.

Are there any “mothball or mothball components” in GpmTabs™?

No. Naphthalene is a primary ingredient in mothballs. Some manufactures in the past have distributed products with Naphthalene. In the 1950’s it was discovered that adding Naphthalene to fuel could boost octane and performance in racing cars. This is a very unsafe practice and prolong use could result in major damage to any combustion engine. GpmTabs™ has NO NAPHTHALENE!

Are GpmTabs™ EPA approved (Environmental Protection Agency)?

GpmTabs™ is EPA registered. The EPA does not officially approve, endorse, or recommend the use of any specific product. However, registration is required.